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Top Books to Enhance Your Social Media Knowledge

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While in the process of conducting research regarding social media in the higher education curriculum, I have discovered that I do not have nearly enough time on my hands! Many of the social media gurus (such as Brian Solis and Chris Brogan) suggest that public relations professionals, marketers, and business owners need to maintain a visible presence on the Web. This requires a significant amount of time online, listening to the conversations about your brand/company and contributing to the conversation via blogging, microblogging, and social networks.

Keeping in line with traditional business practices, it is also suggested that you stay up-to-date on the various ways that social media can enhance your business or brand. With a TON of social media tools available, this becomes a daunting task! There are hundreds of books written strictly about Facebook and Twitter alone.

So, as I am developing the graduate course in Social Media for the University of Memphis, I am working to develop a list of books that students need to utilize within the course, their profession, and their life. While putting this list together is very important for the class, I am having a hard time selecting books without actually having read them! Although I would love to be able to read all of them, I simply do not have the time in my life. This is where you come in.

The following is a list of some of the books that social media folks have suggested. Of course, I will not make this entire list mandatory reading for the class, but pulling at least a few staple books together for the course will need to be done. Please let me know if you have read any of these, your thoughts on some of them, and any other books that you feel might be helpful in adding to the list. Note that some of these are directed more toward PR and some are more of a marketing-based framework. What I’m truly lacking is a good list of social media from a journalistic perspective.

The ones that I have read…

One the radar for future readings…

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